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Reading Response for Blog Post 4


Going back to one of our earlier readings in the beginning of my GSW class (roughly four months) called 12 Fundamentals of Writing “The Other” (and The Self). There are things I did not seem to know, let alone care about, that I do know about and do now care about. There are several different to this article: 1. Research is only the beginning, and barely even that, 2. “”, 3. Power matters, 4. Forget “the other,” can you write you?, 5. “Racist writing is a craft failure”, 6. This is life and death, 7. Ritual ≠ spectacle, 8. The other research: History of the stereotype, 9. Avoid both One and Only scenarios, 10. The fact that you will mess it up is not a reason not to do it, 11. Be clear on the context of a messy marketplace, and 12. Have you considered The Why, and have you considered The No? I will be focusing on number six, This is life and death. I knew when I read it, it was talking about how we raise white kids and kids of color differently, talking about how we raise the kids of color to be “evil” or doomed sidekicks to the white kids, but what I did not understand that they were talking about how the white kids, people, are truly the evil ones. We have created the idea that we (white people) are better then those of color, that we can never do any wrong because of our color, and we believe that anyone with a different color skin is destined to follow us or be against us. It talks about how white kids will get the impression that they are closer to God because of how we look, which creates a false idea in our heads. This is how we keep promoting hetero/cis-normative sexist and racist ideas in our modern literature.