Personal Responses Blog Post 2


In the book Just Girls by Rachel Gold I thought the relationships between different characters were interesting. I’ll start with Lindy and Tucker. You would never expect that a relationship between two women would be violent at all, because women are seen as sweet, nice and innocent. You would never expect another girl to hit, or sexually assault their significant other, but it happens. Lindy is a prime example on what can happen in everyday life, that you can never expect a girl to hurt her significant other. She also has a past with this, with a girlfriend she had before Tucker. Gold shows that not all girls are as sweet and innocent as society thinks they can be, and that women can be just as violent as men. Another relationship that caught my eye was the one between Shen and Ella. I love how he is not afraid of her because she is transgender. Not all people are like Shen, a lot of people would stop talking to the person they are talking to because they are transgender because they are afraid of society, they would show disgust to the person for being transgender, or they would ignore their feelings and try to stay “just friends”. Shen is a good example on how people should treat transgender people, just like their gender they identify as.


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