Reading Response for Blog Post 2

Reading Response for Blog Post 2

When it cam from the first two chapters Kate Bornstein’s “My New Gender Workbook” I did not learn much things that were new to me at all. I have always had an interest in things that had to do with gender, so I often asked about it and looked up on the subject. For the first chapter, I do not believe that the quiz has anything to do with a person’s gender. On the quiz i scored at “a gender novice”, which I do not agree with at all. Then again I do not think that a single person should and could be placed on this scale, being it is so small. But that’s how I feel about it. Chapter two, unlike chapter one, I think had more informational stuff. It talks about how identity, desire, and power all have something to do with it; finding your gender. I did learn a little bit of new information on this chapter, but that was because it is hard to look this stuff up and get an actual answer on it. Another thing I enjoyed about this chapter is that it was not afraid to talk about sex. Almost all adult humans have sex, so it should be discussed more. When it came to the first two chapters of the Gender Workbook, I do believe that chapter two is more informational than chapter one is.


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