First Personal Response

First Personal Response

The course I am currently taking, Gender Studies, deals with things I have been seeing in pop culture for many years, and it is- well- gender itself. This class has taught us that there is more than just one gender, which I have been hearing more and more about over the past two years. When I first heard about it, I was about 19, a freshman in college, and I in all honesty was confused. I was like “how the hell are there more than two genders?”, and than, like everything else that confuses me in my daily life, which is about half of the things I see on the internet, I looked it up and read about. But the internet can only tell you so much, so when I saw that Gender Studies was a class I needed for my degree, I snatched the offer up before the class could fill a quarter of the way up. I was excited to take the course. I have learned many new terms in the class, an example being cisgender, which is someone who identifies as the gender that they were assigned to at birth, the exact opposite of transgender. The course has also helped me with other class I am taking, such as my speech class, on which I gave a speech on the origins of sexual orientation. Over all, this class has had a major part in my life in the last two months, and hopefully will for the rest of my time on this earth.


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